Gagendor Caving Club

Location: South Wales

Gagendor is a South Wales based caving club made up of around 30 members, many of which live and work in the South Wales area in the adventure activity industry.

Formed to serve those who love the sport of caving but were unable to attend regular club meets and other club events its main draw as a club is the fact that our members are active, often highly qualified and passionate about caving and underground adventure.

Members can benefit from a getting involved in trips and meets at their leisure and also access to a comprehensive and well maintained stores of equipment, tackle and information.

If you are interested in joining Gagendor Caving Club you will need to complete the membership form and send it to the Club Secretary.

Gagendor has a good selection of equipment and gear available for use by members. Dan Thorne is the Tackle Master and Stores are located in the Crickhowell Area. In addition, this is where you can access keys for the gated caves of South Wales.

Ideally you will need to attend some caving trips run by club members so that you can be proposed as an aspirant member.

Club Contact Information

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